New Website,, Will Sell Specially Designed Travel Underwear for Men and Women will sell uniquely designed underwear for men and women that provides special compartments where the wearer can safely store money and passport.

Los Angeles, CA – December 10, 2013 – New company and website, is proud to open its doors for business. This new website will primarily sell travel underwear for men and women. The site owner, Victoria N., is an entrepreneur and designer originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo but is now a U.S. citizen.

Her website will sell underwear for both men and women that has been designed with hidden storage areas where the wearer can keep their passport, money, and other valuables. Many of those who travel frequently in and out of the country use money belts to store their valuables but money belts can be expensive and bulky to wear. Victoria N. got the idea to design a hidden compartment right into the underwear so that valuables are kept safe and users are not forced to wear an unsightly money belt.

Designer and website owner, Victoria N. had this to say, “I believe in my new product and after using it myself for some time, I can say first-hand that this is a very convenient way to carry cash, expensive jewelry, passports, credit cards or other items that thieves might be inclined to steal. If you travel a lot, then this would be a very wise investment.”

The travel underwear are available in Small, Medium, and Large for both men and women. The new website will also sell books, CD’s and eventually tee-shirts. The travel underwear will go on sale at the new website on December 15th of 2013 for under $20 per pair.

About Victoria N.
Victoria N. is an entrepreneur and clothing designer originally from the Congo but now a U.S. citizen. Located in the Los Angeles area, she has plans to continue designing innovative clothing and other products that make life easier and offer multiple benefits. She is also involved in forming a charitable organization that seeks to provide basic needs for the children of Africa called Help the Children of Africa. For more information on getting involved in this charity, please visit:

For more information or to purchase travel underwear, please visit:

Media Contact:
Victoria N.
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310)341-3891
Fax: (310)341-3891

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